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June 28 2017

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I have two hands and three foods

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relationship goals



Obama: ”I have no more campaigns to run”

*republicans clap*

Obama: “I know, because I won both of them.”


June 27 2017





this is great. just you, me, and this down with cis bus you built between us asexual people deserve a place in queer spaces

Okay I officially think it’s gaining sentience and either it’s figured out what satire is or it’s becoming another dumpster fire on this website

it doesn’t take sentience to know that terfs and aerfs are garbage, karen

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“what u lookin at”

the fuck you starin at

keep surveilling







I vividly remember the scene in like the second movie where the Weasleys were looking at their school supply list and Molly was like “I really don’t know how we’re going to afford it this year” after they had just risked life and limb to rescue Harry and Harry was sitting there eating their food like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Harry ‘Dickhead’ Potter through a mouth full of Wizardburger Helper “idk…….that’s……wow that sucks i guess lol so i’m thinking about buying this solid gold cauldron what do yall think? a little over the top?”

“oh that’s wild lmao… hey check this out I’m gonna buy all the candy off the cart on the train”

“dude you guys haven’t been able to buy new robes in like 10 years….wow that sucks i guess kek but hey lets go get some butterbeer my treat but fuck you :)”

He was literally 12 years old at this point in time, as well as the fact that he always felt extremely bad about their situation and even tried to pay for things for Ron numerous times, however he knew that Ron was ashamed and prideful over his lack of money.

Not to mention he gave Ginny all of Lockharts Defence Against The Dark Arts books, and gave Fred and George his triwizard winnings in the fourth book. 

And if you think, for even a second, that Molly or Arthur Weasley would have ever taken money from him then you don’t know that family at all.

Oh, and when he got all the candy on the train, he was extremely malnourished after being mistreated and abused from living with the dursleys, and made sure that he got enough for himself and Ron, whom he had literally only just met.

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Drew a little Fanart for one of my fav victuuri AU’s, Tangled! Thank you @kyyhky for creating such an awesome cute AU aaaaaAA <33 

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Molly has a real butterfly on her head!

A magical moment..

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Yondu’s little helper. 

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We need to stop doing this

Coming in 2017: Tank Monkeys vs Nuclear Spiders



someone in Congress is a furry and we’ll never find out who

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June 26 2017



a fun fact about parenting is that if your child is lgbt+, no amount of “i love you"s or “i’m proud of you"s will take away your child’s fear of coming out to you.

i have great parents. they tell me they love me every damn day, and i’ve always had their support. but coming out to them was bar none the most terrifying thing i’ve ever done in my life because they were very, very heteronormative. all the while they were saying they loved me, they never seemed to consider for a second that i could be anything other than straight, and so i had no way of knowing whether or not that love was conditional. do they love me, or do they love the straight daughter who looks like me that only exists in their heads?

my parents love me, my parents are proud of me, but when i told them i’m gay at a restaurant one night, my purse was crammed full of a couple days’ worth of clothes and all the cash i had because i didn’t know if it would be safe for me to go back home.

parents, people who will be parents one day……don’t assume your kids are straight. don’t assume your kids are cis. tell your kids in no uncertain terms that you’ll love and support them if they’re lgbt+, because no matter how well you treat them, i promise you that they need to hear that.

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dean likes to be inside of cas

Cas is Dean’s Baby


so canon it hurts

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Celebrating 20 Years of Harry Potter with Illustrator @taryndraws

For more Harry Potter-inspired illustrations, follow @taryndraws on Instagram.

Like millions of others around the world, Taryn Knight (@taryndraws) first discovered the magical world of Harry Potter when she was a young girl, and hasn’t stopped loving it since. “I just kept reading them over and over,” she says of author J.K. Rowling’s book series. “Something just clicked. I was immediately obsessed.”

It wasn’t until Taryn, a Colorado-based freelance illustrator, was older that her love for all things witchcraft and wizardry began to manifest itself in her drawings. “I didn’t do a lot of art when I was first reading the books,” she says. “But once I started drawing regularly, my passion for Harry Potter began to creep in.”

Taryn, a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, is excited about the celebration surrounding #HarryPotter20, the 20-year anniversary of the UK release of the first book in the series, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” “It seems to be reigniting everyone’s love for the Potter world,” she says. “It feels a bit like that old familiar buzz of a new book release.”







God @ northern liberals w that “southerners deserve natural disasters for voting for trump” as if there aren’t a ton of poor people and people of color and other vulnerable people.. y'all think it’s the rich republicans that will die if a hurricane hits Florida??? Naw so shut the fuck up

Listen this is why gerrymandering is such a massive, massive problem down here in the south.

Texas has been slowly becoming a Latinx majority state for decades. You wouldn’t know it by the way Texas votes because gerrymandering exists. Rich southern conservatives always win the votes because of this. (Lack of decent education doesn’t help.)

Worst of all, they try to teach us in school that the federal government bullies the state by making the state submit its redistricting plans for approval before redistricting can take place.

In reality, it’s because the gerrymandering would get even worse if the state was allowed to do as it pleased.

Gerrymandering and voter suppression are why the south looks the way it does in elections. The south is poor and more diverse than a significant part of the rest of the country, and all of the marginalized people get thrown under the bus by the whole country and by both parties.

So yeah when you wish bad things on the south, you’re being pretty indescribably shitty because let me tell you, the south already has “bad things” happen in significant amounts.

There’s so many people in the notes that are like ‘yes! So go vote!’ It’s like talking to a fucking wall.

I really wish people really considered what voter suppression actually MEANS. It’s not ‘voters are discouraged a lil’. There are laws and regulations designed to disenfranchise people of color, especially black people, and prevent us from voting at all, and failing that, water down the power of that vote as much as possible.

Changes are also enacted that make it more difficult to vote–DMVs business hours changing, fewer places available to vote with increasing distances between them (but more affluent and whiter areas having less distance to travel, morepolling places and therefore shorter wait times…) offices in predominately pooorer and blacker towns being reduced obtaining a photo ID requiring you to jump through more hoops, it’s a lot.

And that’s just he obvious direct point a to point b shit. That’s not talking about felon voter rights being taken away, while people of color (again, especially black people) are charged for crimes that white defendants walk for, with less evidence and harsher sentencing, including what may be considered a misdemeanor for a white person being charged a felony.

And cops have come forward and admitted they’ve been told not to prosecute drug crimes in white neighborhoods, so it’s foolish to pretend that mandatory minimum sentencing and zero tolerance policies are meant to be anything but another tool to disenfranchise us. This is an especially notable problem in Florida, which plays into why that map looks like that, too.

You cannot tie a people’s hands behind their back, gag them, tie them to a chair, and then tell them that all they gotta do is stand up, and wonder why you’re having no issue doing so while they’re struggling.

You know what changes the Democratic Party could implement if they truly wanted to increase voter rights in these areas? Find and provide free child care while voting is taking place–and feed those children too. Organize and fund car pools to voting areas.

Months before the deadline, have PAID workers from these communities show up in person to recruit voters and discuss any possible difficulty getting to the polls, explain how absentee ballets work and how to access them.

It’s not cheap, but when the dems are happy to fundraiser shocking amounts of money to pay for an already insured building, it ain’t impossible.

Instead of smugly ‘going high’ when they go low, help those of us being hurt by them going low. Instead of fucking funding their voter suppression lol.

Like, voting is not going to save us. It’s just not. At best, it must be seen as a form of harm reduction. But we still cannot practice it as a form of harm reduction when we can’t actually access this shit.

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