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I really want Hollywood to let go of Jennifer Lawrence . She does nothing for me. She can never convincingly convey any emotion because she always has this dumb ass, dull, bewildered look on her face. She basically Kristen Stewart 2.0 except Kristen played a moody emo hoe in every movie so it fit her. They cast J Law in every fucking thing and this latest role in Red Sparrow where she some sort of Russian, secret, sexy, femme-fatale agent spy is so far-fetched, like imagine getting seduced by some gangling woman that look like a confused duck squinting at the dollar menu. So of course the prerequisite scene for and femme-fatale archetype is that one of the bad guys is also a deviant who hired some hoes to come do whatever weird fetish he into. The agency swap out the hoe with the spy and the spy seduce him and kill him (Idk why she could really just be waiting in there, pop him and leave but they gotta dress it up and make it real for him I guess)

Imagine after a long week of terrorism, you purchased some pussy to go get a footjob or get ya nuts punched in, whatever villainous kink you into, you told them send you they baddest hoe, the LeBron James of hoes. You get there and J Law sitting on the bed looking like she can’t remember if she left the stove on, bro you would be pissed. The villain would show up and shoot her ugly ass for the disrespect of thinking this was a legitimate tactic. The jig is up. He knew this was shady off the rip. Smh. Get her outta here, man.Β 


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