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my favorite part of capitalism is the slippery slope of knock off cereal branding devolving from catchy, colorful names to literal descriptions of what’s inside the box

when youre describing your product as ‘spheres’ youve reached critical mass

No, this is great. Product labels focused more on explaining what the product is than on branding are good. I sure wouldn’t have guessed that some small circular cereal would contain lots of oats if they weren’t called “Fruity Oat Rounds” unless I specifically went around looking for oat-rich cereals.

Also, store brands are great. They’re typically cheaper than name-brand goods without a significant corresponding drop in quality. Maybe they hire fewer branding consultants and run fewer ad campaigns and that’s why they’re cheaper? IDK.

It would all be worth it just for the global running joke of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! knock-offs.

Still waiting for someone to put out “Butter With Chinese Characteristics.“

Memories of Butter

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